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Spray Supression Mudflap
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Spray Supression Mudflap

• Aerodynamic – lets air flow through, cutting drag and saving fuel

• Tested at the university of Lancaster, England. Spray Breaker creates 33% less drag than standard truck mud flaps – FACT

• Spray Breaker was also proven while testing at the university to create 13% less drag than its main US competitor

• Spray Breaker was tested under the EU spray suppression test criteria against its main US competitor and collected 433% more water – FACT

• Spray Breaker is the only true aerodynamic spray suppression mud flap

• Spray Breaker increases driver visibility and safety

• Spray Breaker increases other road users visibility and safety

• Spray Breaker helps to create a better environment by reducing CO2 emissions

• Spray Breaker Reduces and helps contain dust and debris from the road-FACT

• Spray Breaker can increase driver visibility and safety by helping to control the dust and debris

• Spray Breaker can help to protect you Truck and Trailers by reducing the amount of debris hitting them

• Spray Breaker is anti-clogging. Simple Tap the flap and see the debris fallout from the bottom or simply power wash when cleaning your truck

• Spray Breaker keeps trucks cleaner

• Spray Breaker is a light weight, strong, one piece construction

• Spray Breaker is easy to fit

• Spray Breaker measures ¾ of an inch of thickness

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Spray Supression Mudflap Spray Supression Mudflap Spray Supression Mudflap Spray Supression Mudflap